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For all our dog-related products we now have Georgie Girl (our French bulldog) approval ratings (GGR) and owner approval ratings (OR)

(GGR ***)
(OR  *****)
XS $2.50
S $3.00
M $3.50
L $4.00
XL  $4.50
XXL $5.00

Bandana Sizing Chart

Size          Neck (in.)          Length
XXS           13                        6.5
 XS            15                        7.75
  S             18                        9
  M            22                      11
  L            25.5                    13
 XL           31                       15.75
XXL          36                        18

To make sure a bandana will fit your dog, place two fingers on the back of its neck and using a measuring tape, measure around the neck and your fingers where the dog's collar usually sits. It's best to add another inch or two so you can easily tie a knot.  If the measurement is between two sizes according to the chart, pick the larger size. If the length drags too low to the ground, you can always roll down the top edge and then tie.

Poopie Bag Holders  (GGR *)  (OR *****) $2.00  

Poopie bag holders loop over your dog's lead so the bags are always with your dog, not in your other coat's pocket!  The large size fits approximately 5 grocery bags.  

The small bag holds two rolls of poopie bags (120 bags in each roll)  Rolls are also available from us for $1.00 each.

Tug Toys (GGR & OR *****)

                           With handle or Xlong
XS  $3.50
 S   $4.00               $5.00
 M   $4.50              $5.50
 L   $5.00               $6.00

Tug toys are great for agility training.  It is advisable, however, to not play tug of war with breeds which have a tendency to be more aggressive.  We make our tugs out of fleece which gives them a great stretchy property and is gentle on the dog's mouth.  If you want really long tugs, be aware that cutting lengths which are longer than the width of the fabric, means that you loose a great deal of stretch.

Tennis Ball Tugs  Fleece            $6.00
 (GGR & OR *****)  

Tennis ball tugs are a real favourite with dogs.  You can play fetch, tug of war or  your dog can fling them around on his/her own.  Georgie Girl likes to get a good spinning motion with hers.  They come with regular tennis  or mini tennis balls (great for smaller mouths).    Longer lengths are available on demand and cost $7.00.  

Hurl-a-whirlies    (GGR and OR *****)         $8.00
A variation on tug toys.  2"wide strips of fleece are tied onto a rope ring.  You can attach a lead to the ring and drag the hurl-a-whirly on the ground for your dog to chase or you can just throw the ring for your dog to fetch.  All the flapping strips of fleece provide lots of entertainment.  Georgie Girl loves shaking the life out of hers or grabbing the end of one strip in her mouth and flinging the hurl-a-whirly in a circular motion. 

Crate Pads/Dog Beds (can be kitty beds as well!)
(GGR & OR *****)

Size          IATA           Dimensions (L x W)
XS.                                    17" x 10"
S                100                  20" x 12"
M               200                  28" x 20.5"  
L                400                  36" x 25"
XL              500                  40" x 28"
XXL            700                  48" x 32"

These pads are made from gently used sheets purchased at second-hand stores and filled with polyester fibre fill.  Please note that actual pad size may not be exact due to stuffing and tie down method.  
The dimensipns are a little large for IATA, but fit wire crates perfectly.

Prices for Crate Pads/Dog Beds

Size             Regular          Satin Top  
XS.                 $8.00.           $13.00           
Small            $10.00            $15.00               
Medium        $15.00            $20.00                
Large           $20.00            $25.00               
X Large        $30.00            $35.00                
Giant           $40.00            $45.00                 

Some clients have asked for elastic straps to be attached to the pad to allow for fastening onto a grooming table.  There is a surcharge of $5.00 for this extra.

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